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Leather care

Collonil uses nanotechnology know-how
For Collonil shoe and leather care the surface technology is the decisive application area: the water and oil/soil repellency of leather surfaces can be directly influenced.

Nanoparticles give leather surfaces a specific "spiked" structure which has a water and dirt repellent effect. Similar to the roll-off effect of the lotus plant, dirt particles can simply roll off the material without penetrating it. All kinds of leathers can be optimally waterproofed in this manner.

[Nanotechnology][Roll-off effect][Leather care]
  • Collonil utilises the roll-off effect based on nanotechnology
  • Leathers which are treated with nanotech products are optimally protected against soil and water
  • Optimum care and waterproofing are achieved

Water simply rolls off leather protected with nanotech.